Schaumburg Homes

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Schaumburg Real Estate Market Update

The Schaumburg market has continued to be slow, but is just starting to show signs of increased activity. This increased activity might bring Schaumburg out of the buyers market it has been in for months now.

If you are looking to buy this is a great time as there are a lot of good deals out there. People that need to sell fast are having to sell their homes at a discount and the is good for buyers.

Even those that need to move up should consider this a prime opportunity. While they might have to sell there home for a little less, say 3%, they will get to save at least that much on the home they buy. If you are selling for $200,000 with a $6,000 reduction and buying a $300,000 with a $9,000 reduction you come out ahead. Notice that 3% was used on both examples, but it actually is a higher reduction to move more expensive homes as they are taking longer to sell so a move up buyer is even better off.

If you would like more information about Schaumburg real estate feel free to contact the Suburban House Hunters Team.